The information contained in this page is accurate to the best of my knowledge.   
To be included in this list, please e-mail me with the necessary information or corrections to the information already presented....
The breeders contained on this page have been compiled from several sources.  Some of them are known to me personally but most aren't.  If you're planning on adopting  a Yorkie, select your breeder very carefully.  Be sure to ask for references and then call those references and ask questions about their experience with the breeder.  Visit the breeder's facility and look around.  Observe how the facility is maintained and how the pups are being treated.   This process isn't to be taken lightly.  Your new pup, hopefully, will be with you for a long time and their welfare should be your main concern.  If your instincts tell you not to buy from a breeder then trust that instinct and move on. 
As our breeders list expands, we found it necessary to use multiple pages to list them.  Please use the buttons above to go to the state you're interested in!
Opinions expressed either in a positive or negative manner on any breeder are mine alone.  They have been formed based on factors that I believe to be true and correct.  Like anything else your good judgment should be used when dealing with any breeder. Be careful when any breeder represents "TINY or TEACUP" Yorkies.  This is incorrect terminology for the breed and is usually done to get a higher price and attract those that just have to have a smaller than normal dog. 
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