ABOUT The YTCA (Yorkshire Terrier Club of America) 
The following is MY OPINION
{But based on fact that are readily available to verify}
As an explanation:  The club was founded many years ago with all good intentions by good people.  It flourished with outstanding leadership for many years.    But within the last several years a change started to take place that caused the YTCA to tumble from a club of members to a club with a Board of Directors that dictated their own self importance to the detriment of the club and the general membership.
Why I Did Not Renew My 2014-15         YTCA MEMBERSHIP
Following the club BY-LAWS, TWO complaints were filed by two different and non-related members against a board member Carolyn Hensley and the webmaster Cookie Rogan. A committee was appointed to hear the complaints just as the By-LAWS called for.  The Hearing Committee, upon reviewing the complaints, took juristiction and ruled the complaints had merit and should be heard by the appointed Hearing Committee.

The complaints were the result of Cookie Rogan claiming the Domain YTCA.ORG was owned by her when it was not.  Sometime during her position of Webmaster, she, without permission from the Board of Directors, converted to Domain into her name.  When a difference of opinion on content arose, Cookie removed the website from public view and demanded money for the return of the Domain to the rightful owner, the YTCA Inc.  That, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, is like asking for money for a item you stole in the first place... THEFT!

AGAIN, IN MY OPINION: Carolyn Hensley, a sitting board member, conspired with Cookie Rogan, placing the Domain in a Quasi Escrow status with Carolyn as the Escrow Agent, a clear conflict of interests..................

Carolyn used the threat of legal action against the YTCA in an effort to delay the Hearing Committee from conducting the hearing.  Carolyn's lawyer quoted laws that held no merit to delay the process.  The YTCA was compelled to hire their own lawyer to make sure they stood on firm footing to hold the hearings.  A Parlimentarian was also consulted to make sure the proper procedure was being followed.

Mr. Michael Liosis, the AKC representative, was contacted to get the AKC's rulings concerning this matter.  It should be noted that the YTCA is a sub-member of the greater entity, the AKC and the AKC has dominion over the YTCA.  Both Mr. Liosis and the Parlimentarian agreed that Cookie Rogan and Carolyn Hensley should recuse themselves from any votes regarding the complaints as that would be a Conflict of Interests.

Mr. Liosis, in his frequent consultation, ruled that the BY-LAWS trumpted any and all issues that were brought up to stall the Hearing Committee from completing their assigned job.

In the meantime Elections were held and Cookie Rogan was elected as a Board Member.  Now, she along with Carolyn bullied at least one other member to disband the Hearing Committee before the Compliants were heard.

This denied the complainants with their right to be heard and for the complaints to be adjudicated.  This is a downright attempt to take over and change the BY-LAWS and remove the possabilty of both Carolyn and Cookie from being dismissed as members of the YTCA.

And so a club that once was respected for their ability to operate in the best interests of the Yorshire Terrier breed has now slipped in the ranks of disrespect by many of its members.

So much so that many of the previous active members have resigned in frustration of what the club has become.  They, lke myself, don't want to be associated with the CIRCUS, that's now the YTCA (Yorkshire Terrier Club of America).  The membership is at odds with the Board and the Board has no intention of changing things and giving the membership a voice in the operation of the club.

EVIL has crepted into this so called club and it will take the AKC to decertify the club before things can be restored to a position of respect.  There are many good people willing to restart the process but until the AKC does what's right, the club has lost its way and will not soon return.
Nobody asked me for my opinion but I felt compelled to make the truth known.  Now it's up to those reading this to make up their own mind.  Should you wish to comment to me, please do so by clicking on the "Contact Me" button and filling out the form.  I'll be sure to reply.
After reading all this, ask yourself
1. Would you want a thief on the Board of Directors?
2. Would you want a conspiritor to a theft on the Board of Directors?

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